Tari Panyembrama (The Welcoming Dance)

Setelah berhari-hari tidak mampir ke Pesta Kesenian Bali, kali ini saya meluangkan waktu untuk menikmati pertunjukan Tari yang dipersembahkan oleh kelompok Narwastu yang berasal dari Desa Sanur, Denpasar.

Salah satu persembahannya adalah Tari Panyembrama yang biasa digunakan sebagai penyambutan. Kata panyembrama sendiri bermakna penyambutan.

balinese welcoming dance


Tari Panyembrama diciptakan oleh seniman tari I Nyoman Kaler(alm) pada awal tahun 70an. Tarian ini ditarikan oleh sekelompok gadis dengan gerakan yang luwes, senyum yang ramah  serta taburan bunga, menunjukan keramahan kepada para penonton yang hadir di malam itu.

Selain sebagai tari penyambutan, Tari Panyembrama juga biasa digunakan sebagai pelengkap dalam upacara adat.

   It’s been a while since my last post about Pesta Kesenian Bali(Bali Arts Festival). This time I took the time to enjoy dance performances presented by the group Narwastu from the village of Sanur, Denpasar.
  One of their performance is Tari Panyembrama commonly used as a greeting or welknown as welcoming dance. Panyembrama literally means to greet or welcoming.
  Tari Panyembrama created an artist I Nyoman Kaler in the early 70s. This dance performed by a group of girls with a lithe movement, friendly smiles and a sprinkling of flowers, showed hospitality to the audience who attendance that night. Aside from being as welcoming dance, this dance also commonly used as a complement in traditional Balinese Hindu ceremony.
  1. Tina said:

    Hi, Thank you for this post! Just thing on the dance you referenced. It was actually Tari Gabor. Gabor is the dance the more recent welcome dances are based on such as Panyembrana. Only recently has Gabor begun to be danced again that is why many do not know it is actually older. Along with new creations we like help to revitalize the older dances too. The other one we performed that is rare is Tari Demang Miring. Thought you may be interested in knowing about it.

    • Thnks for the information Tina. I was tried to ask one of the member ( gamelan player ) and he don’t really explain to me. well maybe he was in hurry or something. or may be i supposed to ask somebody else.. so it was lack of information. then what i did was asking to some other friend who might know bout the Dance.. do you have any other reference?

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